Pulse #4, Mar 2 2944 - Page 14

STAR CITIZEN FAN ART & FICTION SHOWCASE Pulse is a proud sponsor of the Star Citizen Fan Art and Fiction Showcase being run by Bugsie on the RSI forums! We will be showing the winners’ work in Pulse, and our editorial team will be choosing one entry from the winning submissions to receive the editor’s choice award, which includes a physical copy of Pulse magazine containing their counted. In addition to having their work posted work, and a $10 gift card for use on the Roberts in a monthly showcase thread for the rest of the Space Industries pledge store! community to see, the winners will be featured in the upcoming edition of Pulse. This gift card was very provided by RutgerMensen, we’d like to call out Rutger for his Rules: incredible generosity towards both Pulse magazine and his fellow Citizens. Thank you from all of us at 1. Everyone gets one nomination, you cannot Pulse, Rutger! nominate yourself Bugsie has kindly explained the rules of the competition in the forum post, but we have reproduced them here: 2. Nominations fall into four categories: • Wallpaper/Picture • Video • Fiction (Stories) • Ship Design Welcome fellow citizens to the Star Citizen Fan Art /Fan Fiction Showcase. The point of this is to showcase our fellow citizens’ work. I would like to make this a monthly occurrence but participation 3. Nominations must be in by the end of the third is a must if this is to happen, and this is where you, week of the month the community comes in. The first three weeks of the month will be dedicated to nominations; you can nominate anyone who has done any fan fiction or fan art. There are four categories that nominations fall under; Wallpapers and Pictures, Ship Design, Videos, and finally Fiction. Episodic Fan Fiction pieces can be nominated for either a single episode or the entire series. If you feel your nomination does not fit these categories, please message me (Bugsie) and I will either place it into an existing category or create a whole new category. At the beginning of the fourth week of the month I will compile all the nominations and open up the poll for voting. At that point you will have until the end of the month, which is when the poll closes, to cast your vote for whose work you like best in each category. Competition -12- 4. Nominations must be in the following format: RSI handle of nomination: Category: Link or artwork being nominated: 5. Everyone gets one vote (your vote will be disqualified if you vote more than once) Here is the schedule for this month: March 2- March 23: Nomination Period March 23- March 31: Voting Period April 1-April 2: Votes are counted, and winners are contacted and then announced Winners for each category If you have any questions please message me will be announced after (Bugsie). the votes have been