Pulse #4, Mar 2 2944 - Page 12

Last issue we ran Pulse’s first competition, the Star Citizen Scene Competition. I’m pleased to be able to now announce the winners! The competition was about showing off a snapshot of something fans wanted to play out in the game, and we got some very inventive entries. Submissions were judged on both their artistic merits and their creativeness, and after much wrangling the judges at Pulse decided on three which stood out amongst the rest. STAR CITIZEN SCENE COMPETITION WINNERS! First place goes to LokeeKorr, for his excellent rendition of the Cutlass’s traditional role: Search And Rescue! Lokee will receive an Aurora MR+ package, which we hope will be put to good use in a similar role. LokeeKorr’s submission, “No Escort? No Worries! We’re Here To Help!” pictured opposite. The second place goes to Tomcat, who at the other end of the spectrum submitted a rendition of a crew preparing to receive a boarding party from a SAR team! Tomcat will receive an Electro Skin Hull module. “Drop My Cargo? That Aint Gonna Happen....” pictured right. Third place goes to SuojaKerroin for his great mockup of an underwater hangar. Thanks Suoja! His underwater hanger is pictured left. 10