Psychopomp Magazine Spring 2014 - Page 5


Dear Readers,

Our third issue of Psychopomp Magazine comes to you just after we've wrapped up our first contest season. It was a busy winter, as well as an unusually cold and icy one in our corner of the world. For these reasons it feels quite refreshing to release our first spring issue, and we hope these stories help revitalize you as they did us.

This issue is a bit different from our previous installments in that it includes some of our contest semifinalists: Lisa Beebe's "Wolving" and Deborah DeNicola's "Come Alone to the Alone." Below is the full list of winners and finalists.

1st Place:

"Summer of the Cicada" by Allie Marini Batts

Runners up:

"Heart on a Sleeve" by Julia Carey

"Reina" by Teresa Giordano


"M.I.A." by Shilita Montez

"Clay Pots" by S.M. Knisely

"Looking" by Kelsie Hahn


“Wolving” by Lisa Beebe

“Come Alone to the Alone” by Deborah DeNicola

“Daughter Electric” by Lisa Nohner

“The End of the World” by Alan Sincic

As always, our goal is to show readers something strange and wonderful by presenting excellent and daring prose and art. Thank you very much to all whole contributed to this issue, and to our readers, as well, for joining us on our journey.

Cole Bucciaglia