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Brian Oliu is originally from New Jersey & currently teaches at The University of Alabama. He is the author of So You Know It's Me, a series of Tuscaloosa Missed Connections, Level End, a collection of lyric essays written about video game boss battles, & Leave Luck to Heaven, an ode to 8-bit Nintendo games. He is currently at work on a book about professional wrestling.

A native New Yorker, James Penha has lived for the past two decades in Indonesia. He has been nominated for Pushcart Prizes in fiction and in poetry. Snakes and Angels, a collection of his adaptations of classic Indonesian folk tales, won the 2009 Cervena Barva Press fiction chapbook contest; No Bones to Carry, a volume of his poetry, the 2007 New Sins Press Editors' Choice Award. Earlier chapbooks of poetry were his Greatest Hits (Pudding House: 2001) and On the Back of the Dragon (Omega Cat Press: 1992). Waterways selected lines from his many contributions to that litmag as its 2011-2012 themes for submissions. Penha edits The New Verse News, an online journal of current-events poetry at

Kelly Lynn Thomas reads, writes, and sometimes sews. Her creative work has appeared in Punchnel’s, metazen, Gray Sparrow Journal, and Spittoon. She has a somewhat inexplicable fascination with the television show Bones and can always be found with a large mug of tea. Kelly also runs the very small Wild Age Press. Read more at

Anne Valente's fiction appears in Hayden's Ferry Review, Ninth Letter, Redivider, and Copper Nickel, among others, and her non-fiction is forthcoming in The Believer.  She is the author of the fiction chapbook, An Elegy for Mathematics (Origami Zoo Press, 2013), and the forthcoming short story collection, By Light We Knew Our Names (Dzanc Books, 2014).

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