Psychologized vol 1 - Page 12

8 iMagazine / April, 2013

Episode 1:Welcome to Fantashire


housand years after the present time, there is a planet very similar to

Earth. There are big oceans that are full of different species of fish and the earth has plants that produce air . On this planet there is human population , just like it is on Earth. Everything is very similar to our planet except these two big moons that are very close to this planet. And the name of this planet? Fantashire….

s you can infer, the dominant of this planet is human. You are completely wrong…the dominant of this planet is not human not even an animal . There are some other beings who succeeded to conquer the Fantashire. But, because these beings are not from this planet , the environment is not so welcoming for them . So they built a great city which residents only these beings , and the whole city is protected by a canopy . The name of this big city is Tholos.

o man is allowed to enter Tholos . Whoever tried to get inside never went out to tell other people what's in there . These beings people call “Fek”. These beings didn’t introduce themselves with this name , but human use to call them Fek.

he hero of our story is Ion. A young man who grew up very difficult without his parents. The rebellion was 20 years ago and Fek wiped out almost half of human population of the planet , within a few hours. These beings are so strong… they are cunning and they don’t mind to kill everything that will find in their path. Unfortunately the parents of Ion lost their lives on this war