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For the first time in Pennsylvania ’ s history , school board directors elected or reelected in 2019 were required to complete training after being seated on their local school board .
In the first year of this requirement , school directors , superintendents and district support staff have asked many questions : Who is implementing this requirement ? How many hours are required ? Where can school directors access their training and documentation of completion ? Let ’ s take a moment to review the timeline of required school director training .
PSBA , the first and oldest school board association in the United States , was not the originator of the requirement , but was the first to apply for and become approved to provide this training to our members . In December 2019 and January 2020 , we deployed three teams of presenters to a total of 13 locations across the state . Each location offered both new and advanced school director training . Additionally , PSBA offers our required school director training ( RQD ) as a series of online courses . Upon completion , all directors who have a training requirement receive a certificate of completion automatically uploaded into the “ My Transcript ” area of their myPSBA membership portal .
As we approach the 2021 election , PSBA is again offering RQD both as live events across the state as well as through engaging online courses .
PSBA has been running New School Director training for over five decades , long before the state created a training requirement . We provide statewide experts in all topics , offering district leadership teams an opportunity to ask questions related to their local context or specific nuances . Our live training builds in time to network with other school boards and directors in the region . All attendees of our training leave with materials to reference , recommendations for further learning , and an assurance that PSBA will be there to support them as they work to govern effectively , lead responsibly , and advocate earnestly for strong public education in the Keystone state .
• Roles and responsibilities : school board and administration
• School finance
• Board policy
• Sunshine Act , Ethics Act and other applicable laws
• Trauma-informed education
Updates over the last two years in :
• Governance
• School finance
• Policy
• Equity
• Trauma-informed education
For more information on RQD training , please visit psba . org / education-training / required-school-director-training /. For specific questions on RQD training , please contact edandtraining @ psba . org .
RQD Timeline
NOVEMBER 2017 : JUNE 2019 :
Act 55 passed ( in effect after July 1 , 2018 ), requiring new school directors to complete four hours of school director training and reelected school directors to complete two hours of advanced school director training . The Pennsylvania Department of Education ( PDE ) was charged with crafting guidance and establishing an approval process for training providers .
Act 18 passed , adding another hour to both new and advanced school director training on the topic of trauma-informed education .
School board directors elected this fall were the first to have a training requirement . Those newly elected were required to complete five hours of new school director training while those reelected were required to complete three hours of advanced school director training . Both must be completed within the first year of the four-year term .
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