PSBA Bulletin Special Conference Issue - Page 27

Supporting equityfocused positions in the district

By Dr . Heather Bennett , PSBA director of school equity services
EQUITY-FOCUSED POSITIONS are often required to be experts on a lot of different issues that affect students .

DISTRICTS ACROSS PENNSYLVANIA are increasingly recognizing the need to prioritize equity in their district systems and practice to meet the diverse , urgent and essential needs of students . PSBA defines equity as the fair and just distribution of resources based on each individual student ’ s needs . This means having a clear understanding of what barriers to opportunity students experience on a day-to-day basis , inside and outside of the classroom . Barriers include poverty , homelessness , trauma and mental health , digital inequity , systemic discrimination , resource inequity , and other forms of conditions and prejudices . This also requires the district to address those barriers and create opportunities for all students .

Special Conference Issue 2021 PSBA Bulletin 25