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The important role that a political action committee can have is often underestimated .

EdPAC is a statewide , nonpartisan political action committee ( PAC ) administered through PSBA that works to elect strong candidates to the Pennsylvania General Assembly who will fight for public education and quality public schools .

The important role that a political action committee can have is often underestimated . Many people do not fully understand PACs , how they work or the role they play in the political process . Simply said , a PAC is a group of individuals who voluntarily pool their resources to provide financial support for candidates who share the group ’ s interests and concerns about legislative issues . How does EdPAC work ?
Pennsylvania campaign laws only permit individuals and other political action committees to make contributions to a political action committee . EdPAC does not accept or use corporate and school entity checks , and no PSBA funds or member dues are used to pay for EdPAC contributions . Public school advocates must make all political contributions personally and voluntarily . Every single dollar contributed for public education candidates is put to that purpose ; no contributions go toward administration or overhead costs for EdPAC . Contributors recognize that there is strength in numbers and have joined together to ensure that their voices are heard as influencers in public education .
State legislation and policy initiatives impact every school district and student in many ways – funding for basic and special education , health and safety issues , staffing , curriculum-related issues , vocational and technical education , school district operations , transportation , buildings , and so much more .
Here are some of the reasons why EdPAC is so important :
• Legislators face thousands of bills during each two-year session . EdPAC dollars are used to support candidates and elected officials who believe in the value of public education and understand our needs as well as our concerns .
• EdPAC empowers us to have a greater impact on the political process and allows us to be more competitive among other organizations that may often have conflicting goals .
• EdPAC is an important tool that allows us as public education advocates to further strengthen and expand our visibility within the state Capitol .
• EdPAC is critical to promoting and protecting public education from those who are not pro-public education , including private school voucher advocates .
EdPAC opens doors and creates new opportunities . Through the voluntary support of public education advocates , EdPAC helps elect candidates , regardless of party affiliation , who care about the major issues that affect our public schools and students . EdPAC ’ s support helps to build relationships with legislators who shape key policy debates . Every contribution makes a difference .
Together , we ’ re protecting the future of public education . Advocacy has never been more crucial . For more information about EdPAC fundraising opportunities , contact PSBA CEO Nathan Mains or Chief Advocacy Officer John Callahan .
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