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Human resource planning can help insulate the district from disruption . Key components for consideration include retention and attraction tools , such as current and accurate job descriptions , internally equitable and externally competitive pay practices , effective evaluations , and recruitment tools that employ effective strategies for securing top talent for every vacancy . Here are some key questions to consider :
• Are you expecting elevated staff turnover or the retirement / departure of key leaders ?
• Have your job descriptions been updated to ensure accurate and compliant position descriptions ?
• Are your compensation practices designed to secure top talent ?
• How will you attract the highest-caliber educators in a competitive environment ?
• How will the superintendent be evaluated each year ?
Job descriptions Job descriptions are an essential tool to define what the entity needs and to match candidate skills to open opportunities . Current , accurate and compliant job descriptions should reflect the areas of responsibility , essential functions , Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and minimum qualifications . For clarity between and among positions , the format and language should be consistent across job descriptions . Review and update position descriptions ( if needed ) in advance of job vacancies .
Job descriptions are an essential tool to define what the entity needs and to match candidate skills to open opportunities .
Compensation To further support retention and to attract top talent , review pay practices to ensure internal equity , external competitiveness and to limit unintended outcomes . The district ’ s compensation structures should be grounded in internal equity – the levels of responsibility of each position to the organization – paired with external competitiveness , to ensure you have competitive pay practices . Administrative tools should systemize offer parameters to avoid issues of pay compression .
Career Gateway / Search An effective advertising and recruitment campaign considers the likely employment mobility of the applicant pool and tailors the advertising venues to such trends . A great tool to support impactful campaigns includes PSBA ’ s Career Gateway , offering real-time notifications to interested educators . For more difficult-to-fill and key leadership positions , many school boards and administrations will partner with an expert who can strategically support and alleviate the concerns and uncertainties of an executive search .
Evaluations The board is required to annually evaluate the superintendent and assistant superintendent . This process can be challenging , as the performance assessment is the collective evaluation of nine individuals . To support our members through the challenges of evaluation , PSBA offers superintendent evaluation trainings , workshops , resources , an online course and a digital evaluation tool .
With the many personnel challenges facing school entities , approaching human resource practices strategically can make all the difference . To learn more about supports PSBA offers , please contact Shane Pagnotti , director of member services , at shane . pagnotti @ psba . org .
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