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making money count

making money count

There were 50 documented instances of ransomware targeted against public K-12 districts across 25 different states during 2020 . The 50 incidents were a 24 % increase from than the previous year , and the rate of reported attacks , specifically school districts , has continued to escalate in 2021 , according to the State of K-12 Cybersecurity report . As of May 11 , there were already 44 reported attacks , almost already reaching the total for all of 2020 , Security Magazine reports .

Cybersecurity tips

By Andy Orr , Senior Client Advisor , PSDLAF

Imagine walking into your office on a

Monday morning and being locked out of your computer . You check your bank statement and there are $ 50,000.00 less
Identity theft
Immediate recommendation :
• Freeze credit files with Equifax , Experian , Innovis , TransUnion , and the National
dollars in your account . This has happened ,
it can happen , and it will happen again .
free .
It is essential to remain diligent of fraudulent attempts on you and your
freezes prevent someone from applying for and getting approval for a credit
school .
account or utility services in their name ,
unfortunately , the criminals only need one opportunity to be successful .
A March 16 , 2021 , Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) report states , “ Since
March 2020 , the FBI has become aware of
PYSA ransomware attacks against U . S . and foreign government entities , educational institutions , private companies , and the healthcare sector by unidentified cyber actors .
PYSA typically gains unauthorized access to victim networks by
immediately .
AnnualCreditReport . com .
Due to COVID-19 issues , through April 20 ,
2022 , Experian , TransUnion and Equifax are providing all U . S . consumers free weekly credit reports through this website to help protect their financial health .
• If an employee discovers that someone
compromising Remote Desktop Protocol
( RDP ) credentials and / or through phishing emails .”
According to a K-12 Dive article from
March 31 , 2021 , “ a recent report from the K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Centers finds 2020 was a “ record-breaking ” year for cyberattacks against U . S . schools , with 408 publicized incidents marking an 18 % increase over 2019 .”
In today ’ s day and age , despite how diligent we all can be , criminals can find a way . Noted below are some tips to help if your identity is ever compromised , or your school is targeted in a ransomware attack .
information , he or she can visit https :// www . identitytheft . gov /#/ to report the identity theft .
CNBC website for some reviews and recommendations .
While individuals can ’ t do anything about the fact that their information may have been compromised , there is a lot that they can do to ensure that they are protecting themselves .
Immediate recommendation :
• Report the incident to your information technology group .
• Isolate the infected system and ensure any other networks are disconnected .
• Turn off all computers that are not yet infected by the ransomware .
• Ensure that all backup data is secure and off the infected network .
For further details on responding to an infection , the U . S . Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency website provides valuable links and information .
Preventing infection Ensure that your school ’ s staff is fully trained on preventing ransomware and can effectively identify the phishing emails that carry it . It is always easier to prevent an infection from happening than recover from it . Below are some useful links on preventive action :
• The U . S . Department of Justice website provides extensive preventive measures as well as details on numerous variants of ransomware .
• The
Norton AntiVirus website covers the main do ’ s and don ’ ts of ransomware attacks .
You or your school will be the target of a cyberattack – it is unavoidable – but you can ensure that the correct safety measures are put in place . By recognizing the threat and taking the necessary steps to prevent an attack from being successful , you will be better positioned when the time comes . B
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