PSBA 2022 January/February Bulletin PSBA 2022 January/February Bulletin - Page 56

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We may be new here , but …


That ’ s right , CM Regent has been protecting schools — and only schools — for 50 years !
When you choose CM Regent , you can be confident in three things :
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Your risks will be controlled and your property and people will be protected .
You have CM Regent ’ s full commitment to superior insurance solutions and expert claims management .
You will have access to value-added services at no extra cost , services that other companies do not include in their policies .
Ready to learn more ? Visit www . cmregent . com / products / newhere for a copy of our Property and Liability Programs and Services guide to
get started .


100 % commitment to superior insurance solutions and expert claims management .
Your first choice for school insurance .
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