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making money count

making money count

Create strong passwords .
• Change them often .
• Consider using fake answers to security questions to make it more difficult for criminals to access your accounts .
Check your computer for personally identifiable information .
• Check for a Social Security number , license number , date of birth , account numbers , credit card numbers and expiration date of credit cards .
• Don ’ t send this information in unsecured emails .
Keep software up to date .
• Make sure you are using an operating system still supported by Microsoft or Apple .
• Make sure your virus protection is up to date .

Fraud prevention in the Digital Age

By Pennsylvania School District Liquid Asset Fund

Whether we care to admit it or not , the Digital Age has revolutionized the landscape of our daily lives forever . We can all begin our day , turn our lights on , or even split a bill with a friend all by simply starting a sentence with “ Hey Google ” or “ Siri .” However , in our rush for increased convenience , we may have unintentionally made it much easier for cyber criminals to tap into our personal information and finances .

On the 2020 PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey , which had more than 5,000 respondents , over $ 42 billion in losses were reported due to fraud in the previous 24 months . On average , companies reportedly experienced six incidents in the same time frame .
The reality is that criminals are much smarter and more determined today than ever before . Hackers are always looking for new ways to access information , which is why creating a culture of consistent awareness of threats is so important .
The goal is to ensure that you are aware of the potential threats you could face , whether it ’ s a phishing email , sharing passwords or using an unsecure network . Here are some tips to help . Please share these with your friends , family and employees .
Avoid public Wi-Fi .
• Don ’ t connect to hot spots or networks before verifying they are secure .
Stay vigilant on email .
• If you don ’ t recognize a sender , don ’ t click .
• Be wary of emails asking for confidential information .
Pay attention to URLs and fake IDs for mobile applications .
• Yahoo , Gmail and Hotmail accounts have been spoofed .
• Even your account could be spoofed by hackers .
• Be wary of fake mobile applications .
By heeding these friendly reminders , you can help ensure your organization ’ s funds are safe .
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