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Chatters advises creating a group or joining a group of others beyond your district as a sort of brain trust to share ideas , ask questions and voice concerns .

Instead , when we define what good teaching looks like in our district or good practice and we ’ re able to quantify and measure that , we ’ re able to see results a lot sooner .”
According to Chatters , one way State College Area School District has measured progress was through an equity audit . The audit , which took place in May , was conducted by the Equity Literacy Institute , run by Dr . Paul Gorski , founder and lead equity specialist . It was a team effort .
“ That audit took the collective effort of directors within the district to work alongside Dr . Gorski as he came in to do that audit ,” she said . “ It took some of the workgroup chairs to support the work as the audit was happening , it took students who are part of our peer advocates program . It also took the work of community members at large who may not have a child in this district , but are invested in what the district is doing .”
Brown noted early milestones at Allentown with a steady process of adding more . “ The equity policy in 2017 was a milestone . Establishing our Office of Family and Community Engagement . Implementing our Let ’ s Talk app which gives our families an anytime , anywhere access and opportunity to ask a question of our district for
anything and making sure we ’ re monitoring our response time , the quality of our response and quality of the experience our families have . Establishing the Office of School Improvement was a significant milestone as well . Really getting our staff to understand the difference between traditional instruction improvement and what we need to do to improve equity .”
Other milestones include increasing pre-K classrooms , winning a Magna Award in 2019 and having the district ’ s first equity cohort participate in The School Superintendents Association ( AASA ), with that team consisting of Brown , the district ’ s superintendent and two other administrators , which supports Brown ’ s belief that an organization will only reach its peak when it has a group of individuals leading equity efforts . The district ’ s comprehensive curriculum audit also included an evaluation of how well internal consistency and rational equity is delivered through academic programming and offerings .
For James-Coles , although the report from the PSBA ’ s Equity Continuum Assessment and its accompanying high scores were heartening , her favorite measures of success are found with people .
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