ProTeam Module 7

Module 7   I Can Plan for a Successful Future Overview MODULE GOAL: The purpose of this module is to provide the opportunity for students to explore what it means to set goals and plan for a successful future. Students will be encouraged to establish viable goals, including the goal of attending and graduating from college. MODULE ASSESSMENT: Students will create a symbolic, three-dimensional model of their personal Bridge to the Future. (See next page.) Teachers may want to create their own module assessment and/or allow students to design their own, provided the teacher approves it ahead of time. ACTIVITIES: 7.A. WHAT IS A DREAM? (MAN: YL and S) 7.B. I HAVE A DREAM (MAN: YL and S) 7.C. RISK TAKERS (MAN: YL and S) 7.D. SET SOME GOALS (MAN: YL; OPT: S) 7.E. WHERE ARE YOU GOING? (MAN: YL; Opt: S) 7.F. COLLEGE: THE FIRST STEPS (MAN: YL and S) 7.G. IMPORTANT AS A-B-C, BUT NOT AS EASY! (MAN: YL and S) 7.H. JUST DO IT! (OPT: YL and S) 7.I. LIGHTS, CAMERA, FUTURE! (OPT: YL and S) 7.J. MONEY TALKS (OPT: YL and S) 7.K. PUTTING YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD (MAN: YL; OPT: S) PROTEAM DREAMQUEST CURRICULUM   7-1