ProTeam Module 6

Module 6 I Can Make Decisions Overview MODULE GOAL: The purpose of this module is to provide the opportunity for students to explore making wise decisions in their personal lives now as well as in the future. They will have the opportunity to experience decisionmaking through a game format that will lead them through high school to the college scenarios of their choice. MODULE ASSESSMENT: The students will design a post card on a 5” X 8” index card. On one side, they will design symbols to represent the college of their choice. On the other side, they will write a note to a family member or friend telling him about decisions they have made in terms of courses, study time, friends, and extracurricular activities. Cut out the front and back of the postcard and glue them together. See next page for sample. Teachers may want to create their own module assessment and/or allow students to design their own, provided the teacher approves it ahead of time. ACTIVITIES: 6.A. WHAT DO YOU VALUE? (MAN: YL and S) 6.B. DECISIONS, DECISIONS! (MAN: YL and S) 6.C. REALITY CHECK (MAN: YL and S) 6.D. RESPONSIBLE DECISION-MAKING (MAN: YL and S) PROTEAM DREAMQUEST CURRICULUM   6-1