ProTeam Module 5

Module 5 I Can Teach Others Overview MODULE GOAL: The purpose of this module is to provide the opportunity for students to explore the basic nature of teaching. Does helping always mean doing something for someone, or does it mean teaching him to do something for himself? How much of a teacher’s job is to help others? How do teachers help students? [During this module, arrangements should be made for ProTeam students to work in classrooms as teaching assistants. Students will plan lessons to teach groups of students. We suggest you make contact with teachers before you begin the module to make the necessary arrangements. Be sure to tell the teachers that for the effort to be successful and meet curriculum goals, ProTeam students should have opportunities to work directly with students (coaching, tutoring, reading stories, checking work, etc.). Teacher resources are included to provide assistance with setting up the ProTeamers’ teaching assistantships.] MODULE ASSESSMENT: Each student will create an outline titled “What All Teachers Need to Know. “The class will work together to create a poster similar to the one based on the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Each student will contribute to the poster at least one thing teachers need to know. Copies of their outlines will be included in their portfolios. Teachers may want to create their own module assessment and/or allow students to design their own, provided the teacher approves it ahead of time. ACTIVITIES: 5.A. REACH OUT AND TOUCH (MAN: YL and S) 5.B. ALL WE NEED TO KNOW (MAN: YL and S) 5.C. WHAT’S YOUR IDEA OF THE IDEAL TEACHER? (MAN: YL and S) 5.D. FACE TO FACE (MAN: YL and S) 5.E. WHAT’S MY LINE? (MAN: YL; OPT: S) 5.F. THE MANY FACES OF EDUCATION (MAN: YL and S) 5.G. THE DISCOVERY ZONE (MAN: YL and S) 5.H. THE SHIPWRECK (MAN: YL and S) 5.I. THE PLAN OF ATTACK (MAN: YL and S) 5.J. THOSE WHO CAN, TEACH (MAN: YL and S) 5.K. PROS AND CONS (MAN: YL and S) PROTEAM DREAMQUEST CURRICULUM   5-1