ProTeam Module 4

Module 4 I Can Think Positively Overview MODULE GOAL: The purpose of this module is to provide the opportunity for students to begin thinking more positively in their personal relationships, in group work, and in their attitudes toward their education and future. They will focus on positive things about themselves and others. MODULE ASSESSMENT: Using bulletin board paper, students will work in groups of three or four to create a life size model of a positive thinker. One student can be traced (head to toe) as an outline for the model. Then group members will include on the model characteristics of a positive thinker, thoughts the person has on a daily basis and/or actions this person takes to remain positive. The students will write a reflective paper about this experience for their portfolios. Teachers may want to create their own module assessments and/or allow students to design their own, provided the teacher approves them ahead of time. ACTIVITIES: 4.A. MY SPECIAL PENNANT (MAN: YL and S) 4.B. MILES OF SMILES (MAN: YL; OPT: S) 4.C. STOMP OUT NEGATIVE IMAGES (MAN: YL and S) 4.D. IF YOU DON’T KNOW ME BY NOW (MAN: YL and S) 4.E. PUT-UP OR PUT-DOWN (OPT: YL and S) PROTEAM DREAMQUEST CURRICULUM 4-1