ProTeam Module 3

Module 3 I Can Be Different Overview MODULE GOAL: The purpose of this module is to provide the opportunity for students to explore the dynamics of living and working in diverse groups. They will have the opportunity to explore and appreciate individual differences as well as various cultures and cultural traits. They will explore differences at the personal and group level and determine how differences impact the school setting. MODULE ASSESSMENT: The students will write a letter to an international exchange student who is coming to the United States to attend their middle school. The letter will explain what most American students already know about the international exchange student’s culture, differences the international exchange student should anticipate in the American school setting, and what the U.S. culture is like. Teachers may want to create their own module assessment and/or allow students to design their own, provided the teacher approves it ahead of time. ACTIVITIES: 3.A. WHAT’S YOUR STYLE? (MAN: YL and S) 3.B. I AM BUGGED BY... (MAN: YL and S) 3.C. AS DIFFERENT AS NIGHT AND DAY (MAN: YL; OPT: S) 3.D. WALK IN MY SHOES (MAN: YL; OPT: S) 3.E. GET SOME CULTURE! (MAN: YL; OPT: S) 3.F. I’M SPECIAL; THEY’RE SPECIAL (MAN: YL; OPT: S) 3.G. BEAR WITH ME (OPT: YL and S) 3.H. DOING MY THING (OPT: YL and S) PROTEAM DREAMQUEST CURRICULUM   3-1