PROMAG Vol 22 no 1 - Page 9

news THE WING TAKES OFF: GREAT SA INNOVATION @ WORK You’ve all been there. You’ve burned the midnight oil, you’ve scoured the internet for graphics and you’ve designed yourself a hotshot PowerPoint presentation with animation and embedded clips. But noone knows where to plug in the thingy at the whatchamacallit in the client’s boardroom. The PA knows all about water carafes and peppermints, and the IT-guy is on a course. So everyone ends up huddling around your laptop, no-one is really that impressed with your presentation and you end up losing the sale. on the industry. We call it 03, or Zero Cubed: Zero time to commission on site, Zero time to deploy within the site and Zero time to de-commission for redeployment elsewhere.” “It’s easily movable and even easier to deploy. Anyone in the office can run it – even brand managers!” chuckles Lowther Communications brand manager, Alex Bouca. “The plugs are simple, and everything is enclosed in the superlightweight structure. It’s the ultimate plug-andplay device”. The above scenario is soon to be something of the past. The device that could change everything is the Lowther WING – the World's first fully-inclusive Mobile Multi-function Communication Companion. This revolutionary design is the brainchild of engineers at Lowther Communications who set out to design a Mobile Communication Companion. It is a world class innovation that allows one to take the technology to the client, no matter where they are convening. An innovation that actually works, is truly portable and easy to relocate, thus turning any available area into a high tech meeting area. Research shows that for over 60% of the time meeting room AV equipment is idle. Moreover, the AV equipment is then not available to the rest of the business. The WING addresses this problem by allowing staff to remove the equipment if not needed, and use it elsewhere. Now that’s called: “We were so confident in our design and our sweating the asset! product, that we filed a patent for it, and also entered it into the Technology Top 100 Awards Paul Lowther, CEO, lead Innovator and coprogram.” enthuses Lowther, “We reached the designer of the WING says: “The unique design finals of the TT100 awards and we couldn’t be is inclusive, yet incredibly simple. It is all about more proud!” If its sleek looks are anything to go innovation in design-thinking.” The design was by, there will be more accolades the near future. driven by observing what really goes on at a customer’s premises and converting this need Paul believes Lowther Communications has into a product that would make Data Presentation addressed one of the biggest challenges posed & Video Conferenci