PROMAG Vol 22 no 1 - Page 5

news A DREAM VENTURE CRC stands for the Christian Revival Church, and was established by pastors At and Nyretta Boshoff. They are an inspirational couple who preach a Christian message of hope and redemption. The power of their message is evident in the huge growth of the CRC. Although the main CRC centre is in Bloemfontein, there are some 90 churches across South African and beyond. Or, more correctly, there are 90 locations – CRC subscribes to the motto: “One Church, Many Locations.” One of the locations, and a fast-growing one at that, is in Pretoria (Silver Lakes) where Aridian Consulting has been working closely with CRC in designing, supplying and installing AV systems. Aridian is owned and managed by Adriaan Booyens. Adriaan's father was a long-time employee at the State Theatre in Pretoria, and he has a background in (and a passion for) theatre. Before he decided to start Aridian, Adriaan was up in Tanzania working on IT and systems design. On returning home he began, what he calls, his “dream venture” - Aridian Consulting. Aridian offers the core service of installing and supporting AV and related control solutions that are tailor-made for clients. Above: The acoustically transparent screens from Screen International Below: CRC's impressive new Auditorium Late last year CRC Pretoria were putting the finishing touches on a massive auditorium to house their burgeoning congregation (up till recently they had been gathering in a large 2000-seater tented structure). In December Aridian installed AV screens for the auditorium, a challenging job that overlapped with the completion of the construction. Adriaan, and his team, went for two Screen International Flatmax 600x337cm screens. The screens are 600x337cm, with 1.0 gain and micro-holes fabric. The fabric is acoustically transparent allowing for the speakers to be mounted behind the screens. Aridian is one to watch for the future, and Electrosonic SA will be taking a keen interest in developments at this innovative and creative company. Aridian is a member of SACIA DIMENSION DATA AND ALLAN GRAY COMBINE FOR AN INDUSTRY FIRST Dimension Data has recently completed a high-calibre DigitalMedia™ installation for asset management company Allan Gray’s new building at No 1 Silo, in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront. Dimension Data were given the contract as integrators for the 18000m2 building, and based their solution around Crestron audio-visual (AV) controllers and user interfaces. When it comes to digital AV networks, Crestron’s DigitalMedia™ offers a complete end-to-end digital network solution, and was the obvious choice for Dimension Data. Signal routing to the 30 plus meeting rooms was done via CAT6, ensuring high quality and high resolution. Dimension Data also needed to integrate the various room control systems, including lighting control, and blinds control. This was done via a Crestron IP Gateway, which talks the required Bacnet protocol. Dimension Data even created some level of integration with the Fire Evacuation system. In the event of a fire, the central Crestron controller communicates to all the local room controllers to prepare each room for evacuation mode. One of the standout features of Crestron is its Fusion RV RoomView software, which automates and streamlines several management and technical support functions, offering remote management and control of every device in every room. Fusion RV RoomView also offers builtin reporting, resource usage tracking, scheduling (via Outlook Add-in), remote system diagnostics, and an interface for booking rooms. Fusion RV RoomView is aligned to the Crestron room controllers to prepare the room for the meeting, based on