PROMAG Vol 22 no 1 - Page 24

featured products GALAXY PRO VIDEO WALL CONTROLLER SOLUTIONS GALAXY The GALAXY range of controllers is a highly expandable and flexible solution for video wall and multi-screen display applications, offering various display configuration possibilities. Whether you require a simple 4 screen data wall or a complex system, GALAXY hardware can be tailor-made to suit your needs. VIDEO & GRAPHICS WALL CONTROLLER The GALAXY X4 is a perfect product for an entry level video wall processor and it supports several variations of screen configuration. The controllers are optimised for operation with the latest generation of PCI express graphics and video capture cards. The GALAXY PRO can also be used with the GALAXY PRO-X expansion chassis. FUNCTIONALITY: • • • • • Redundant power supplies and hard drives Input cards cater for almost any type of video signals, from legacy analogue signals to the latest high definition signals The outputs are just as flexible with cards that cater for DVI, HDMI, RGB and VGA Easily integrates with control systems such as Crestron Wall control software allows for user configurable layouts and input selections FEATURES: • • • • • 22 PROMAG – first quarter 2014 1 to 40 Display channels using the WALL-4 graphics card 4 to 128 video capture channels using the VideoSD8 or VideoSD4+1 capture cards 1 to 32 RGB/HD/DVI capture channels using the DVI-RGB capture cards 1 or 2 GALAXY PRO-X expansion chassis providing a maximum of 25 PCI express slots Wall Control Software