PROMAG Vol 22 no 1 - Page 23

featured products MultiSync® X462UNV ULTRA-THIN VIDEOWALL SOLUTIONS FOR 16/7 PERFORMANCE IN RETAIL SPACES & PUBLIC DISPLAY A more affordable videowall option The MultiSync® X462UNV is a 46-inch LCD public display that offers outstanding videowall features at an affordable price. Its FHD (1920 x 1080) resolution and 5.7mm total bezel width allow for impressive high resolution videowalls with barely visible seams. MultiSync X462UNV is the second generation of 46” class video wall products with additional features only NEC can provide. The product is compatible with all accessories designed for the predecessor to guarantee a smooth transition between the two products. With high brightness and low power, industrialstrength design, powerful modular network connectivity and low maintenance option slot, these displays are ideal for heavy duty 16/7 operation in environments such as advertising, information walls or events and interactive touch super-walls. DICOM support - for medical applications. SPECIAL CHARACTERISTICS The LCD MultiSync® X462UNV displays combine commercial grade LCD panel, automatic thermal management, remote monitoring functionality and the NEC ‘no-compromise’ approach to manufacturing resulting in the highest benchmark in public display technology. NEC delivers outstanding innovation with a guarantee of performance that has made it a consistent market leader in