PROMAG Vol 22 no 1 - Page 15

cover story PANAVISION EVOLVE Panavision Evolve are situated in Kramerville in Johannesburg, and were founded 20 years ago by brothers, Barry and Claude Jardim. They are still directors in the company, along with Jaco Potgieter and Ricky Dos Santos. Panavision Evolve started as a small family concern, but has since evolved into a thriving business employing some 25 dedicated staff. Jaco describes the company ethos as, “relationship and solutions driven.” He notes: “We’ll deliver solutions to small houses, or big corporates, the size of the job is not the issue. It’s about finding a solution that works for clients.” And, as Jaco points out, Panavision Evolve have a wide array of clients in various sectors, including commercial, hospitality, corporate, training, and residential. Service to these clients includes: automation, building management, green products, and anything AV. Douw Steyn is one client who has been more than happy with the solutions that Panavision Evolve have delivered, including what they achieved at The Saxon. While the Palazzo Steyn job was relatively big, The Saxon was four times bigger: there were 72 zones that needed separate control functions. When faced with complex jobs like this, Panavision Evolve are thankful for their strategic partnerships with the likes of Crestron and Electrosonic SA. As Jaco notes, “We can lean on them for help with design, when required.” Crestron's professional Procise surround sound system A perfect example of this was when Crestron helped Panavision Evolve by writing the code for the Bacnet control of the air-conditioning at Palazzo Steyn. Jaco is proud of this industry first, as he is of the installation of Crestron’s PROCISE™ PSPHD high-definition 7.3 surround sound audio processor. The first one of these in the country was in the Panavision Evolve demo room. Palazzo Steyn has two of them, one in the master bedroom and one in the lounge/cinema area. When probed on the secret to Panavision Evolve’s success Jaco replied: “Our team spirit is high, and we have good, skilled people working for us. We’ve adopted the attitude that we don’t support mediocrity: what you put in is what you get out. Central control at its best, Crestron Processing and Distribution and Crestron Centralised Lighting Crestron Touch Panels conveniently placed throughout the residence PROMAG – first quarter 2014 13