Project Magazine October 2019 - Page 4

MUSEUMS DAY & TILE PAINTING WORKSHOP We started very early with a visit to the Santa Clara Convent, which houses a day care center. In the middle of the guide's presentation, during our visit, the children were coming to school to start their work day. In the convent we learned the spaces and their secrets. We went to the Frederico de Freitas Museum, in the museum we visited the part dedicated to the history of the tiles. Pieces from various eras were seen and analyzed. Lateron we moved to the Workshop, where the whole group had the opportunity to compose and paint their own masterpieces. This was followed by lunch, where the typical Madeiran regional food was served. Everyone was delighted with the tuna steak, the kebab, fried banana fish and the fried corn. In the afternoon we went to the Henrique e Francisco Franco Museum, where we took a tour of the authors' Life and Work, exploring the works and portraying the artistic styles that accompanied them in their time. We brightened the day with the visit at the Madeira Embroidery Museum. In this space we saw tapestries, furniture with inlays, period clothes, wood embroidery, knitting and crochet, which today fill our imagination. In former times it was the mastery of the art made by women. These pieces lived long times in the generations of the families, however, it continues today to tell the stories of women, from an exclusive sphere, who in the domestic dimension, tuning, refining and enhancing feminine delicacy, in the privacy of their homes. DAY FOUR Tile painting workshop