Project Magazine October 2019 - Page 2

SIGHTSEEING OF FUNCHAL & BOTANICAL GARDEN Panorama of Funchal The second day at wonderful Madeira was filled with exciting sightseeing of Funchal. Visitors saw Museum Arte Sacra filled with sacred memorabilia from the past of Madeira. College Church was very interesting sight and after that we visited winery which has paintings on the walls showing pictures from grape growing, picking and making the way it was done in the old days. Town hall looks amazing, we absolutely loved it. We loved the fountain with the turtles, although is always nice to see animals living free in their natural habitat. And the staircase with the tiles on its walls... So much effort was put in every detail in Funchal. We were stopping all the time to take photos or just trying to remember every detail of what we see. All the pavements all Market is a great over the town are artwork, it must've place to visit and look taken a long time to do it. around, we saw so many fruits for the first time in our life! So many colors, so many different flavours, some of them were great and Funchal Cathedral left us some of them too speechless, you can feel past and strong, we are not used today blending in this magnificent to it but were happy to building. The high tower was try it. But when you try especially interesting experience: to buy some fruit you view is amazing and all of the photos get shocked of the we took up there made us look and prices, they are feel like so special, and walking extremely high, so we down the stairs we took photos that do not recommend made us look like a rock band. shopping there. College Church After lunch, we walked further and saw an old zone with painted doors, city quay and, sea square. Coming from the continent, we were just taking in everything we saw and just enjoyed. And sugar at the end of the day – botanical garden! This is the place like no other, with the old family mansion, ponds filled with fish, waterfalls and fountains, plants in colors and sizes that we never saw before. Between all of that, you can find artwork made of tiles, but also some examples of modern art. It's a long and exhausting walk but it was worth it, we had so much fun there! There is a lot of the new things we saw and sometimes it was overwhelming but it's all deeply cut into our memories. The best part is when we see our children so happy and relaxed, so we can truly say that the botanical garden really made our day! DAY TWO Botanical garden Jardim