Project Magazine May 2018 - Page 4

WORKSHOPS DAY On 17 May 2018, project partners at the Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Tomislav Špoljar School in Varazdin, had a partical work, preparing buns, that is a practical bread-making activity. This activity promoted a moment of learning different from usual, provided the transmission of knowledge/traditions, socialization and the taste for traditional culture. In this activity, students and teachers kneaded the bread and guided by the techniques of the Croatian school, had the privilege of eating the warm bread prepared in the activity. M A K I N G B U N S DAY FOUR Ceramic workshop After a pause, we held a ceramic workshop which allowed participants to explore and seek knowledge in this vast area. They were hours of creative work, of conversation and of silence, in the prepared room where all could give wings to the imagination and create their works in clay. We create our pieces, shaping and modeling, and take advantage of our new knowledge acquired. Music and dance On that day we had the opportunity to watch songs and dances prepared by teachers and students of the Croatian school. Later the Croatian music teacher held a workshop with students and teachers from partner schools in the area of dance and in the area of learning musical instruments. They were unique moments in which everyone got involved, sometimes dancing, sometimes singing and even learning a new musical instrument. It was undoubtedly a well spent and enriching day.