Project Magazine May 2018 | Page 2

BUILDING THE GROUP Very important part of every mobility are Icebreaking activities. It gives a chance for the teams to relax, to get to know each other better and to connect on a different level. Teachers and students all participate in the games together and it was nearly two hours of pure fun. As we noticed, some very special friendships started to happen and language was no barrier. Some students got to a great idea – to use google translate to communicate, and it still works for them. It was more than we expected and we are delighted how real, hands on experiences bring such a positive changes and great ideas to our students. I C E B R E A K I N G A C T I V I T I E S DAY TWO Sorting paper After a break it was the time to spend the rest of the day doing the activities that we are very proud of – sorting paper. Our group of older students has partnership with companies that use a lot of paper and they collect their paper vaste. After that they sort it, piece by piece, a company that uses old paper to produce some new things out of it comes and collects sorted old paper. Each of our students in that group is involved in some part of work and they actually get paid for the paper they sort. So we wanted to show our guests how one real working day looks like and they gladly joined in. It was not easy but it was fun. At the end of the activities lunch was served. We wanted to make it traditional, so baked meat and pasta called mlinci were served. And that was the end of official part of the day, leaving our guests some time off to be fresh and ready for the trip to Zagreb on the next day.