Project Magazine May 2018

Project Magazine 1 st VISIT VARAŽDIN MAY 2018 Varaždin, first LTT Mobility in Erasmus+ project „Let's hit the road!“ Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Tomislav Špoljar Varaždin was the first to host teachers and students from our partner countries in the project, Poland, England and Portugal. The first day was so exciting especially for all of our students – it was the first time students met each other. It was the greeting time and we were so owerwhelmed by this experience beacause it was a big responsibility as it usually happens when you are the first to break the ice. After we all introduced to each other it was a reception in the conference room where our Principal welcomed guests and talked about our school using powerpoint presentation and the movies that were recorded in the past. It is a school with a lot of years of good practice in special education and we were proud to be able to share our work with colleagues and students from abroad. Once everyone learned about our past, it was time to see our work in the present. We took our guests to see every aspect of our work, introduced them to the most of our pupils, showed them our reality. Some of our guests even cried as they never had a chance to see pupils with severe difficulties like the ones that are going to our school. It was quite emotional. And it took a lot of time because we talked in English and each team needed to translate it all to their students and teachers. DAY ONE After a break it was the time to have a guided tour arround Varaždin. Varaždin is beautiful baroque city with charatheristic buildings from that period and the best thing is – everything is within a walking distance. We enjoyed our first day with the guests. After that every team got some free time to explore on their own and have some rest to be able to participate in the activities we planned for them. 14-18.05.2018 1 st LTT meeting in Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Tomislav Špoljar Varaždin, Croatia