Project Magazine June 2019 - Page 4

THE HERBARIUM – ZIOŁOWY ZAKĄTEK The day – 06.06.2019 – started early, all teams are ready at 6:45 am, at the Zespół Szkół Nr 16 school park, Białystok, to start a bus trip that takes students and teachers to the Ziołowy Zakątek w Koryciny Herbarium, about an hour and a half to the southeast of the host school, of this mobility. Arriving at the Herbarium, we were greeted by a guide from the resort who explained the history of the area and showed us the species present in this great paradise of fauna and flora. M A The house in a tree K I N G DAY FOUR T E A The route begins, visualizing the palaces present in the space, the spaces of exposition of plants, the great lake full of water lilies, until we sit on the benches in the middle of the garlic, breathing the smell imanado by the perfusion of the seeds of the same ones that make up the space. We continue on the walk and we come across a wooden church all decorated with dried flowers and aromatic herbs, with medieval and introspective ambience, which invites to the recollection and the communion between all. Passing through rails and hovels, holiday homes, fields of herbs and horticultural spaces, we arrive at the house of Tea. In the space of the creation of the infusions of the Teas, the Guide presents us the various types of exposed teas, from teas to revitalize, to calm, fortify, etc ... In space there is a cure for all the maladies. All the elements present in the room are invited to make the infusion composition, joining in an odd number the various types of teas, all, as suggested, from the same family of teas. After we make our bags we go to the souvenir shop, where you can buy and see the various utilities of the plants, fruits and herbs produced on the farm. At lunch we all re-energize ourselves with the chicken, beet and potato soups, accompanied by the typical cooking of the gastronomic culture of the Polish people. The afternoon was reserved for direct contact with the animals of the farm, in their quiet life, for moments broken with small disturbances, carried out by the little pigs that animated the feast on the farm. We returned to the bus for a trip of another hour and thirty to school, made for many in full siesta after lunch.