Project Magazine June 2019 - Page 2

DATE WITH THE FUTURE & BIAŁYSTOK HERRING Second day of our LTT in Poland was very exciting, but then again, every day was. We were all coming to school that day with great anticipation to have a „date“ with the future. There was Mobile Education Center, a big truck, parked in school's premises. And as we expected, it was fun fun fun. We got to use smart boards with a lot of interesting programs easy to use and learn about Europe, robots with remote control, smart boardgames. DAY TWO After that we took part in handicraft activities. We made Bialystok herring out of fabric, filled it with different fillings (rice, beans...) and it all needed to be sewn together. The most challenging was to put the thread into the needle! Each team was participating in Quizziz using a smartboard. There was a lot of cheering and laughing, it was about the participating countries in this project and we needed to use what we've learned so far, a great way to see how well we are doing. At the end of working part of the day, some teachers of each team had an opportunity to participate in eTwinning Academy workshop, which was very useful. As we were headed to get the lunch in the city, we knew that there is one more assignment ahead of us for the evening – preparing for the music festival the next day. We were very busy but all the time having a lot of fun. Learning a lot the fun way is the best way to learn!