Project activities in details: "THINK" Think - planning our tasks - Page 6

Activity 7​ ​ Five creative challenges before Christmas Why to do it? (​ aims of the task): ● ● ● ● ● to have fun; to have some funny outdoor activities; to get to know about Christmas traditions in other European countries; to share traditional Christmas songs; to provide opportunities for children to hear national language of other partners/ other European languages and realise that our TwinSpace classroom is an multilanguage classroom; ● to involve parents in the project activities; ● to encourage good behaviour, social and positive thinking; How to do it? What are children going to do? ● take photos and share common, national and international holidays, customs ● make greeting cards and exchange letters; ● make a snowman; ● decorate Christmas tree; ● record a Christmas song in national language ● do good to other people Teaching methods: In what way? How children will work? ● in national teams; ● small groups; ● individually Tools to do the task, resources ● ● ● ● ●