Project activities in details: "THINK" Think - planning our tasks - Page 3

● learn to find the information on the Internet. How to do it? What are children going to do? ● students will find on the interactive online map the location of the partners’ countries on the map of Europe ● learn the flags of partners’ countries through the 3D application “​ Easter Egg 3D Greetings Paint”.  ● each student will have a worksheet in order to study European countries, flags, location;  ● students will use the search engines for kids and find information about partners’ native town and at least three landmarks they can visit if they go to these countries; ● summarize the information they found; ● write the information on the Google Slides ● students will acquire skills to work with Google Slides; interactive maps, 3D application Teaching methods: ● research; ● look for the information; In what way? How children will work? ● in small national teams ● indivual work Tools to do the task, resources ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Activity 3​ . ​ Get to know each child personally Why to do it? (​ aims of the task): ● in order to become real friends, students should know each child of the project; ● build real connections with the children taking part in the project; ● build personal connections with the children from the project