Project activities in details: "THINK" Think - planning our tasks - Page 18

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All project activities must have the same treath ‚Äč - The tale, the little match girl and the new moments we are going to create together. The story happens in winter at Christmas - we should think about Christmas activities. I suggest to have again Christmas Challenges with the calendar like last year. Maybe not seven, but 3 or 4. Also to have a page where we will do something good in real for people who need help, people in need. We can do this at Christmas to be connected with the story. We will have pages for online learning: - 3D reality and Quiver. - Learning Apps games: each team will create a game for other teams to play. - Puzzles, crosswords with the characters of the story - the real heroes and the ones we will add to the story. Both teachers and students will create content. It is very important to develop, to create own materials from the project as an outcome: memory games, study sets (not only online, but printable, too, to play in the classroom, with our logo, etc.)