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When she light up the third match Main question before starting to write​ : Will we add new heroes of the story ​ OR​ we will continue the story with the heroes from the previous episodes? We will create a poll. After children make a decision, we will continue to develop the story as in the previous episode. A Draw the heroes, take pictures and upload in the folder “First match”. Keep in mind that the story takes place in the winter. When the students “D” create the text, you are responsible to draw 1 or 2 pictures to illustrate the story. Czech Republic B Give a name of the new heroes. Tell more: Where are they from? How old are they? etc. Bulgaria St.”Ivan Rilski” C Suggest new character(s) – hero(es) of the story. Describe the new heroes: What qualities do they have? Example: He is clever, very kind..etc. Poland D Develop the story. What happens? Use the suggested hero(es) and qualities and continue the story. Keep in mind that this will be the end of the story. Italy E Responsible to enter the text on the google document where we all will create a new story. Use drawings of the children in the first column to illustrate the text. Bulgaria 137th