Project activities in details: "THINK" Think - planning our tasks - Page 12

-​ ​ Why is this worth doing? What are the good points? What positive features can you see? Black hat, Judgment hat (Caution, judgement): ​ ALL TEAMS TOGETHER Children will answer the following questions: -​ ​ Is there any risk for the Little match girl? What wrong / wright could happen if we change the story as the Green hat suggested? Present the work of your team (thinking hat) as you like it. The ideas of the Black hat will be collected on the Padlet wall. Please, on the Padlet write the name of the child who said the text that you entered and the country. No text like this: “by the Bulgarian/Polish/Italian/Czech team”. During the evaluation evaluators look of the personal contribution of the children, not summarizing by teachers text. Pay attention that each thinking hat must wait for the previous hat to present its work and after that - to do its work. For this reason - please, don’t be late. We must move to the next step of the story at the same time. We will depend on the work of each other. Name of the project activity: Think, collaborate and create Why to do it? (​ aims of the task): - write collaborative story; - develop positive, creative, social thinking, thinking outside the box; - foster development of entrepreneurship; - develop skills for working in groups; - increase interaction between students during the learning process How to do it? What are children going to do? ● students will change the next four episodes of the story: - When the Little Match Girl sales matches but nobody buys - When the Little Match Girl burns the first match - When the Little Match Girl burns the second match - When the Little Match Girl burns the third match