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Thea Jeffers Breezy Jazz Club & T- Works InteriorDecorationg Jacksonville , Florida Women In Business March 2019
Breezy Jazz Club had its grand opening in June of 2016 . Located at 119 W . Adams St . Jacksonville , Florida in the heart of downtown . Jacksonville has had venues that play jazz or have jazz bands , but it has never really had a true Jazz House until Breezy . Thea was exposed to the smooth rhythms and harmonies of jazz as a preteen , at the Riverfront in Philadelphia .
Thea has been married for 34 years to husband Bernett Jeffers , with whom she traveled the world experiencing all that jazz music had to offer . The Jeffers Duo went to cities across the US and countries across the globe , to expand their knowledge of jazz sounds , types , and variations to fully appreciate the art form . While in London , Thea decided she wanted to own her own jazz house one day . She was 30 at the time . 20 years in the making , Jeffers opened Breezy Jazz Club , housing some of Jacksonville ' s best local talents , and national award-winning artists .
In 2018 , Breezy participated in the Jacksonville Jazz Festival and had the honor of being an official after-party spot for private performances for select headliners . Breezy Jazz Club is a full restaurant and bar , along with a concert hall , hosting some of the best jazz musicians .
At Breezy , jazz-lovers can expect regular performances by Lawrence Buckner , Joe Watts , Scott Giddens , Doug Carne , Eric Carter , Mama Blue , Longineu Parsons , and Al Maniscalco . Jeffers and guests had the pleasure of hearing the famous Delfeayo Marsalis this past New Year ' s Eve for their big celebration . The growth Thea Jeffers has seen in just two years at Breezy Jazz Club only foreshadows her success to come .
Thea Jeffers has earned a stellar reputation as a woman with integrity , accountability and creativity within her businesses . She has a knack for finding a void in the community and filling it with her talents and passions . Jeffers continues to use her artistry and enterprise to create opportunities here in Jacksonville Florida and we look forward to seeing what she ' ll do next .