Program Success Volume 2 - Page 4

Magazine PROGRAM PROGRAM SUCCESS THE T HE NAM NAME ME SAYS IT ALL SUCCESS Page 1 Page 7 Page 20 Page 23 Page 3 Page 9 Page 21 Page 24 4 | Page 29 Page 31 Gateway to Heaven Christian Church page 1 Building a Better Orlando Sean Bradford page 3 Total Health and Wellness Dr. Geneva Burch page 5 From God’s Corner Aundra Bryant page 7 Top Choice Educational Consultants Dr. Rose Campbell page 9 Democratic Women Host Ebony & Ivory Aff air page 15 Living Her Dash Laura Dorsey Harris page 21 Is the World Doing What the Church Should Be Doing? Pastor Leon Bing page 23 Ms / Mrs. Corporte America page 24 Top Notch Recruiter Kimberly Mounts page 27 Protection For Your Family Evelyn Ray-Rogers page 29 Publisher’s Editorial Darryl A. Barrs page 31