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Magazine PROGRAM SUCCESS VOODOO CHRISTIANITY If one looks at the dictionary, Voodoo is likely to be defi ned as an ancient religion from Africa that involves the cult of Ancestors, of various animistic spirits, and the use of trances to communicate with such spirits. It is true that Voodoo did originate in Africa, but today it is practiced by millions throughout the world, in Africa, the Caribbean, Central, North and South America, in various forms, oft en with elements of Catholicism mixed in. More common to us today is the Voodoo that cast spells. If you want to cause harm to someone… cast a spell. If you want to be healed… cast a spell. If you want good luck… cast a spell. If you want money… cast a spell. A Spell is a word or words that when uttered have magical power, and can give us infl uence over somebody or something. Already, your mind is getting ahead of me and you are seeing where I’m going with this. We as Christians must be careful in our attempts to please God not to let outside doctrines creep in from pagan religions. Our Chants – “Repeat aft er me”, “Turn to your neighbor” (Simon Says). Our Dance – gyrating, running, jumping. Our Music – the drum beat, the chant. Our religious jargon (language that is used by a particular group, profession, or culture, especially when the words and phrases are not understood or used by other people) “I’m blessed and highly favored.” None of these things am I saying is wrong, however, fi re in the wrong hand can be destructive. By the mere fact that we are descendants of Africa makes us susceptible to the practice of Voodoo. Christianity has no roots in Voodoo. We are followers of Christ and his teachings. Th e Bible is our guide and our reference to doctrine. If Jesus did not say it and it’s not in the Bible, we shouldn’t be doing it. Simple enough right? In the Catholic Church they practice idol worship to statues even though the Ten Commandments state “you shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an image, whether in form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God (Exodus 20: 3-5). Th e Catholic Church also, through its practice of Penance, requires a believer to perform a deed or chant a quote in order to be forgiven for a sin. Needless to say, neither of these rituals were initiated by Jesus nor recorded in the Bible. Truly we all want forgiveness. Th e Bible tells us that we receive forgiveness – atonement (at-one-ness) through the blood of Jesus. He died on the cross and His shed blood is suffi cient to wash away our sins by grace our entire lifetime. Nothing to buy. Nothing to wear. No place to go. Just accept Christ and ask for forgiveness. We all want to be blessed. Th erefore, we do as we are told; even if it’s standing on our heads, buying something (book, prayer cloth, key chain, tape, etc.), attending a conference, or dressing a certain way. We tread the border line of Voodoo… a chant or ritual done to gain infl uence (favor) over something or somebody. Even the Tithe is not sacred any more. When you give your tithe to gain something in return – that’s Voodoo! Give and you will see that you will be blessed 10 times over… the windows of heaven will be open and will pour you out a blessing that there won’t be room enough to receive. Yes the Bible states this, but in content and with purpose... Bring ye all the tithes, purpose – that there may be meat in my house…those things the church needs to bless the people (money to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, keep children of drugs, prevent teenage pregnancy, etc.). I will pour you out a blessing, in content, further explained in the Malachi 3:11, the blessing of the crops, and further in the 12th verse, you will be called blessed because of your delightsome land. Anything you do, say, or pay expecting a returning (blessing) is in vain and is Voodoo Christianity. Jesus dispels all the ritual and traditions of men in giving, praying, and fasting in the 6th chapter of Matthew. Jesus states there that the treasures of our prosperity are laid up in heaven. Th e days that Jesus walked this earth, his fame went throughout the land and people fl ocked to him for various reasons. Th ey were the early church, if you may. On one occasion as Jesus found himself surrounded by these various people, he told a parable of a Sower (Luke 8:5-15) who sowed seeds and some fell by the wayside, upon the rocks, among thorn, and on good soil. Only the seeds in the good soil sprang up. Th e seeds by the wayside was trodden down and eaten by the birds, the seeds upon the rocks withered from lack of water, and the seeds among the thorns were choked by the thorns. In Jesus’ later explanation to his disciples concerning the meaning of this parable (in other words - Jesus how do you get blessed?), he explains that many of us are choked with the cares and riches and pleasures of the world that we bring forth no fruit. And those of us that is on good ground and produces much fruit, is because we have an honest and good heart. God knows your heart. Th e reason you give, the reason you do, and blesses you accordingly. | 31