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Estella ' s Brilliant Bus Estella Mims Pyfrom Mobile Instructional Technology Training for Under served Children Palm Beach , Florida Summer 2017
Estella has published her first book at the age of 80 , titled ' The Legacy of a Humble Black Women '. In her book , Estella recounts an amazing and blessed life that took her from the migrant fields , to a distinguished teaching career to the founding of the award winning Estella ' s Brilliant Bus Movement . Estella recounts many stories and life lessons that have catapulted her to some of the biggest stages you could imagine . From appearing in a prime time Superbowl XLIX commercial , to being selected as a CNN Hero , to receiving recognition from Oprah Winfrey during her 2015 Life You Want Now Tour , Estella is a woman on a mission to help as many people as she can for as long as she can .
When Estella looks back over her past and thinks of what attributed to her success in life , all she could think of is the " no failure " options that was instilled in her as a child . Estella ' s dad made the children believe that " if you can dream ... dream Big ; and work hard to make things happen , and if you keep working to make things happen , you would not fail . Keep up the hard work that surely but slowly it would happen ." Success was imminent for Estella Mims Pyfrom .

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