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They give us the scoop from inside and outside the Beltway .


They give us the scoop from inside and outside the Beltway .
By : Lauren Victoria Burtle

Dn this political season where the ghost of the Southern strategy has risen again via Donald Trump , political analysis from African Americans is more vital than ever . We need their thoughts , insight , wit and wisdom . Here are our top black political analysts , reporters , strategists and public intellectuals who we tune into when we want to better understand life inside and outside the Beltway

23 Black Political Pundits You Should Know Daytona Beach , Florida May 2016
Jones went from being out of a job in the Obama administration to becoming one of the most familiar faces on CNN . Already a leader in the advocacy community around tech and green issues , Jones expanded his repertoire as a commentator .
After moving from Politico to the Washington Post , Henderson is probably seen by more people than any other African-American political correspondent as CNN ' s senior political reporter .
One of the few black Republicans seen regularly on the television circuit , and also one of the most direct and blunt when it comes to the inner workings of the GOPsomething he knows more about than almost anyone .
The former member of the South Carolina House is now a fixture on CNN and an ardent supporter of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton . Is Sellers likely to move from our TV screens to the White House if she wins ?
Brazile has become a fixture on CNN and ABC as a veteran Democratic political strategist who can speak on both the inner workings of the Democratic Party--and give priceless cooking tips .
Rumor has it that Reid may soon be filling the slot of departed MSNBC anchor Melissa Harris-Perry . That would be a welcome home for Reid , author of the political page-turner Fracture , and her fans online .
A Pulitzer Prize winner from the Washington Post , Robinson is another indispensable talker for MSNBC , appearing regularly on Morning Joe and Hardball .
On his own show , NewsOne Now , on TV One , Martin has the largest number of black political analysts , reporters and talking heads circulating on broadcast television today .
The Morehouse College professor , formerly of HuflPost Live and BET , has been on TV more than any other academic in the country .
Leon is heard every Saturday for three hours on his show , Inside the Issues , on SiriusXM channel 126 the Urban View . He is also regularly on NewsOne Now With Roland Martin on TV One .
Former associate editor for The Root and current assistant editor of the Washington Post ' s Outlook , Swerdlick can often be seen on CNN and NewsOne Now With Roland Martin and heard on The Nick Taliaferro Show on 900AMĀ­ WURD .