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Intuitive Networking assists children and adults with serious and frequent mental illness to obtain access and maintain care through community based resources and strong natural supports . Targeted Case Managers assist consumers with identifying medical , psychological , financial , vocational , educational , and social services as related to the individual ' s behavioral / mental health illness . All individuals must be diagnosed with a behavioral health illness or agree to be evaluated for a diagnosis to receive case management services .
Once the program begins the targeted case manager will develop , assess and monitor the success of each goal identified in the clients service plan . Mental / Behavioral health services are provided to children birth to 17 and adults 18 to 65 years of age . Our company participates in multiple health insurance networks to include Florida Medicaid and other health management organizations ( HMO ' s ). In most cases there is no direct cost to the recipient . Coverage will need to be verified by your insurance provider .
NO CHALLENGE IS TOO GREAT Intuitive Networking Targeted Case Management ( TCM ) helps individuals identify and address their needs and challenges . TCM ' s Professional Staff creates programs and provides services to promote successful and independence living in the community .
BEHAVIORAL HEALTH - providing individuals and their families with the available services needed to maintain good behavioral and physical health .
Intuitive Networking Management Darrell A . Shells Mental Behavior Counselor Daytona Beach , Florida May 2016


HOUSING - helping individuals find safe , affordable housing through HUD and other subsidized programs as well as private landlords .
EDUCATION AND WORK - providing educational and vocational supports to develop plans focused on an individual ' s potential to learn and work while obtaining training .
BASIC LIVING - assisting individuals in obtaining levels of independence and improving their ability to provide basic needs such as proper nutrition and clothing , then organizing and implementing a process to fill in any existing gaps .
PUTTING THE PIECES BACK TOGETHER TCM specializes in bring life back to normal so that individuals can experience a high quality of life . TCM provides services in the following areas :
• Children and Adults who live in Volusia , Orange , Flagler , St . John , Duval and Putnam Counties .
• Individuals enrolled in a Department of Children and Families adult or child mental behavioral health target population .
• Individuals with mental health disability ( i . e . severe and persistent
mental illness ) which requires advocacy for and co-ordination of services to maintain or improve level of functioning .
• Individuals requiring services to assist in attaining self-sufficiency
and satisfaction in the living , learning , work and social environments of choice .
• Anyone who lacks a natural support system with the ability to access needed medical , social , educational and other services .
• Individuals requiring ongoing assistance to access or maintain needed care consistently with the service delivery system .

MANAGEMENT ( 386 ) 256-1492

• Anyone who has a mental health disability duration that , based on professional judgment , will last for a minimum of one year .