Program Success September 2016 Edition | Page 18

Front Cover Feature Julius John Drama Theatre Bethune Cookman University Daytona Beach , Florida September 2016 Julius has been teaching an directing productions for over 20 years . He specializes in diverse areas of theatrical education : acting ; theatre management , development , and history ; musical and multicultural theatre ; script analysis ; Shakespeare ; private voice ; movement , yoga , and constructive rest . He received his training in auditioning and musical theatre from well-known professionals Mary Zimmerman , and Kipp Niven . He studied tap dance under Rosemary Howard , jazz under Nina Wheeler , and voice under Mary Gale Green .
" To me , the Student is the vital element of the Arts . When our youth strive our communities strive . When our youth are prosperous our communities are prosperous . Productive youth generates a productive society . Singing , dancing and acting if far better than drugs , shooting and delinquency ;' Julius explains . " The solution is simple , to improve our communities , we need to invest in our Youth by investing in the
Performing Arts :'