Program Success September 2016 Edition | Page 16

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Front Cover Feature Julius John Drama Theatre Bethune Cookman University Daytona Beach , Florida September 2016
Julius John ' s greatest performance was the one before thousands of young people who he has inspired to greatness from their positions as actor and actress , costume design , make-up , directing , lighting and sound , stage and auditorium management . Julius John creates masterpieces on the minds of students knowing that participation in the Arts provide invaluable life-enhancing experiences that imparts viable skills of Teamwork , Responsibility , Collaboration and Leadership .
The Performing Arts entails acting , singing and dancing as well as painting and drawing . Students in the Arts consistently out score their non-arts peers on the college exam ? Students in the Arts scored 56 points higher on the verbal portion of SAT and 39 points higher on the math portion . Students in the Arts are four times more likely to achieve academic notice , hold school offices , win awards for writing and even enter science fairs . Students in the Arts learn academic skills that help them in college and at work which includes Analysis , Problem solving , Reasoning , Abstract thinking , Conceptualization , and Creative thinking .