Program Success October 2008

Vol. 16 No. 10 The “Good News” Newspaper October 2008 Yes We Can! In Less Then Thirty Days America Will Elect Its First Black President By Darryl A. Barrs, Sr. Publisher / Managing Editor The Christian Reader Newspaper T he election of Barack Obama as President of the United States will usher in America’s First Black Family into the White House. Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha will permanently change the negative image of Black people. They will do what the Cosby Show could not because face it – it was only a television show. America will be forced to look at Blacks in a different light and then confess “Yes We Can” live life without violence; live as a complete family; live drug free; love one another; work successful jobs; become distinguished business professionals with careers as Doctors, Lawyers, Television Commentators, Engineers, and “Yes We Can” lead this country. The Black faces that dominate the news channels raping and robbing represent only a small segment of our community – it is the minority and must once and for all be put in its place. The end-time has come for that Successful Black Man and Successful Black Woman to no longer be perceived as the exception but now as the norm. I have always said that if a negative situation exist and has existed for a long time… it is because somebody wants it that way. Change does not just come – it is forced. Mal-Government and Corrupt Business Leaders produced an Ailing Economy on the break of death which forced this Change. see YES WE CAN! page 14