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Is The World doing what the Church should be doing ?

By Pastor Leon R . Bing NJFWC . ORG
This is a call to all Pastors , Church leaders , and lay members , in other words , " The entire Body of Christ ." As we all are sitting back and watching what is happening all over the World with the " Occupy Wall Street " sit ins , we the church once again are sitting back and doing nothing ! I am speaking generally . Why we all agree with the purpose of Occupy Wall Street , we the church must remember that it is the " world " rising up against itself ! Christ is not being glorified at all !
The Church , in the mist of all this , still cannot unify as we are told to do in 2 Chronicles 7:14 ; " If my people , which are called by my name , shall humble themselves , and pray , and seek my face , and turn from their wicked ways ; then will I hear from heaven , and will forgive their sin , and will heal their land ." KJV
Not just in our own buildings where no one sees us ! But coming together several congregations at a time praying together to God , and not for the purpose of some egos to try and get God ' s glory , but that we all come " humbling our selves before him in a public display ! No one man should be trying to have his 15 minutes of fame on CNN , NBC , CBS , or FOX !
I suggest that we send this message to all of the " Televangelist who can get the attention of their " worldwide " audience , to show that the Body of Christ is uniting in prayer in view of the world , seeking God ' s will and deliverance in this age of financial greed on Wall Street and other entities worldwide ! If these Mega Ministry Leaders have no shame in coming into our homes to " raise an offering " then I suggest that they all get together behind one camera united together , and call out the church to seek God and pray !
4 There is one body , and one Spirit , even as ye are called in one hope of your calling ;
5 One Lord , one faith , one baptism ,
6 One God and Father of all , who is above all , and through all , and in you all . KJV
Pastor Leon Bing World Doing What Church Should be Doing Jacksonville , Florida November 2014
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Imagine if three are more congregations met in the parking lot of a large church ' s parking lot for an hour of prayer all over the city ? You could have Tens of thousands of God ' s people praying all over the cities of America and possibly the world ! We wouldn ' t upset the world by praying on city property , or hindering some business who would want to complain about the church as they always want to do when the church gets together . And the church wouldn ' t be out of sight by gathering inside a building ! Think about this Pastors , a real way to have an effect on the land where no one person gets lifted up above God ' s glory , and we the church can really bring 2 Chronicles 7 : 14 to life !
So , I suggest that we use Facebook , Twitter , and all others means to call out the whole body of Christ , and lets have an effect from a spiritual side as the world has come together to hold Wall Street and world governments accountable , let us , pray for the healing of the land .
With the events taking place all around the world , should not the Body of Christ finally rise up and cry out to the Father to heal this land ? What are we teaching our congregations about obeying the Word of God , when we constantly do nothing ? Can we finally call a " Time Out " on this " My Church " mentality and unite as one body of believers ? Remember what Paul said in Ephesians 4:4-6

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