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Here are just a few reasons you should prefer Pre-Need Trust Plans :
• You will get the best cost protection available by making your arrangements at today ' s prices .
• Your loved ones will not face difficult decisions during times of grief and stress because all arrangements will be planned and paid for in advance .
• You will be able to express your wishes by selecting the arrangements you prefer , knowing your wishes will be carried out .
Our Pre-Need Trust Plan is completely safe and secure . It is full approved and strictly regulated by the Florida Department of Banking and Finance , We are licensed by the Board of Funeral and Cemetery Services to offer you this approved Pre-Need Trust Plan which complies with Florida Laws .
You decide how much to spend . There is no minimum amount to spend . You may make full or partial arrangements . After all , Pre-Need Trust Plan is an agreement between you and our professional firm . When making Pre-Need arrangements special attention is given to your current financial situation . You may pay in full , or you can make payments over time and there will be no confusion about refunds because your contract will clearly state in large , bold print exact refund policy which complies with Florida law .
Your Family is our family . As Funeral Director my calling imposes upon us special responsibilities to those we serve and to the public at large . Chief among them is the obligation to inform the public so that everyone can make knowledgeable decisions about funerals .
RJ Gainous Funeral Home , a full service Funeral Home provides a professional , affordable service for everyone .
• Direct Burial
• Cremation
• Out of Town Service
• Air Shipping
• Pre-Need Arrangements
• At-Need Arrangements
• Church Services
• Graveside Services
• Memorial
• Wakes
If you have any questions on this information or any aspect of the funeral services , feel free to call us .

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