Program Success Mother's Day 2015 - Page 31

Today those numbers have grown and become adversely disproportional. Now you have to talk to 100 people to get 5 sales. Darryl A. Barrs, Sr. Publisher/Managing Editor is in the winter cold winds are Springdown the air and that means beaches, green lawns and shutting and we envision sunny beautiful flower beds. The ecological and biological indicators are visible in the blossoming of plants, the hatching of young fowls, and the unique smell of the soil that has reached the perfect temperature for micro flora to flourish. Everything falls in place and in order just like a clock - nature has turned the hands of time to Spring, a season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, and regrowth. Spring affords us all the opportunity to do better and be better personally and professionally. Finding areas in need of improvement is easy, actually making the improvement is a task that escapes us and we find ourselves facing another Winter no better than we were the same time last year. Let’s make this Spring revitalizing by truly making our desired improvements, realizing - It’s About Time. Time is our greatest gift from God. It is what makes us all truly equal. It is what makes us all the same. God gave us all 24 hours in a day. He did not give some 18 hours, others 10, or special people 36 hours in a day. We all receive 24 hours each and every day. What we do with our time, our precious gift from God, is what differentiates us one from another. It truly is harder to do business today but not impossible. With modern technology it is easier to reach 100 people than it was years ago. If you make the 100 contacts you will make the 5 sales. How many sales you make depends solely on how much of your time you allocate to making the 100 needed contact. You contact 100 people a day – you make 5 sales a day. You contact 100 people a week – you make 5 sales a week. You contact 100 people a month – you make 5 sales a month. No magic formula, no special secret. It’s About Time. You have got to put the time in to be successful at anything. Look around at all the successful people in all different arenas and facets of life. You can bet assured on one thing… they all put the needed time in to be successful. In life there are many things competing for our time and as we dibup our time we find very little time left to do things, mainly those things we have identified as important to us. You will be surprise of the activities that steal most of our time in a day, making us less productive and disabling us from reaching our goals. Top culprits of such activities are: Sleep, Television, Friends, and Social Media. Remember we all are only given 24 hours in each and every day. Consider how much of your 24 hours you spend engaging in the above mentioned activities. How much of that time could you allocate toward reaching your personal and professional goals. Are you willing to wake-up 5 a.m.? Are you willing to work 12 hour work days? Are you willing to turn off the television and give that time to your goal? The difference in those who succeed in life verses those who don’t is in most cases simply the amount of time they allocate to their success. It’s About Time. Personally, if it is your goal to lose weight, you know there are some basic principles to aid you in reaching your goal. One is exercise. Walking is one of the many exercises that can produce the desired results. If you walk for one hour any day - whether morning, noon, or evening, you will achieve your goal of losing weight. How much weight you lose and how fast you lose it depends solely on how much of your time you allocate toward your goal. No magic formula, no special secret. It’s About Time. Professionally, if it is your desired goal to gain more customers, clients, or sales; again there are some basic principles to aid you in reaching your goal. Marketing is a fancy term we use today where back in the day we simply said ‘go out and get customers by telling them about your business.’ I remember a day not too far gone when if you talked to 10 people you would make at least 3 sales. PROGRAM SUCCESS MAGAZINE PAGE: 31 | TATYANA MAGAZINE PAGE: MOTHERS DAY 31 | JANUARY 2015 2014