Program Success Mother's Day 2015 - Page 27

RESULT DRIVEN STRATEGIES TO HELP YOU….. Embrace your “Personal passion and purpose” as a 21st Century Executive Leader Eject from the “Obstacles” that hold you back in your career, life and relationships. Break the cycle of “Carrying Excessive baggage including people” and “self-sabotage.” Get pass your setbacks and disappointments and use them as stepping stones. D r. Amicitia (Cita) Gibson is the founder/President of MGAA Professional Development Institute and ATIC & MG Center for Excellence (non-profit). She has dedicated her career to develop others in a pletera of diverse industries. An expert advocate of selecting and developing talent for leadership and business success who has held various leadership roles in industries such as non-profit and for-profits on board of directors in corporation, ministries, state, local, military and federal governments in the U.S. and international. She is a retired Army Officer, a veteran and executive leader with three decades of excellence in careers. Her services are inclusive of local and national board of directors. Dr. Cita has received numerous Professional Awards for community and national leadership as a senior leader for “Growing and Empowering Future Leaders Now” is her brand and now accelerating new book. She has authored and co-authored numerous books on empowerment for women and leading others with the stepping stones for success in life, careers and relationships. Her life is an example of leading from where you are and rising to the top, breaking the “Glass Ceilings for Women of Color.” Her story is a Joseph Story, from the “pit to the palace,” Living the Dreams of her life. Her “Why” is the “Need” to help others succeed and become greater leaders and productive citizens. She is married and has two adult children. Her travels are extensive and diverse throughout North America and internationally. “ GROWING AND EMPOWERING FUTURE LEADERS NOW FOR EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS.” Seminars & Keynote Focus Think Like an Executive Leader Summits Stepping Stones to Succes ́M