Program Success Mother's Day 2015 - Page 24

FORGIVING THE UNFORGIVABLE S. VON JOHNSON, AUTHOR THE TRUE STORY OF WOMAN’S TRIUMPH OVER UNSPEAKABLE CHILDHOOD ABUSE S he was raped at the age of 8, pregnant at the age of 9, and forced to marry her rapist at the age of 11 to keep him from going to prison. No this is not the 1800’s era or on a slave plantation. It was 1969, the city is Tampa, Florida and the scene of the offence was the church. This was Destiny’s life, a story of how God can take the most atrocious scenario and turn it into a life of greatness. Based on her true life story, author S. Von Johnson, who in the book she is called Destiny, lived a life of tragedy, having no one to turn to during her troubled childhood. The abuse started at the age of 5 when she was fondled by the son of the drummer from her church. He entered her home while she was asleep. Awaken by his touch, scared and confused, not truly understanding what was happening to her at that tender age but old enough to realize that it wasn’t righ