Program Success Mother's Day 2015 - Page 18

After high school, Gloria went through the normal motions of trying to find herself. In college she studied to be a legal assistant and CNA. She worked for hospitals, health agencies, and nursing homes. Each instance she would always find herself puzzled with the same concern as to why so many businesses functioned without care for the individuals they served. She pledged to herself that one day she would own her own business that would provide better service because “I would do it with love and compassion,” she explains. Gloria made her dream a reality after a conversation with a client who convinced her that now was a better time than ever to do what you really want to do. In 2007 she started the process of securing her licensing for administrator and business ownership in the home health industry. Today Gloria is the proud owner of Compassionate Caregivers, Inc., Assisted Living Care Home Environment. Always willing to accept a challenge, Gloria specializes in the care of Alzheimer and Dementia patients, both her industry deems difficult. She believes there comes a time in every person’s life when they need a little assistance. If not themselves, they have concerns about the care of our grandparents, parents, and loved ones. Gloria started Compassionate Caregivers to provide a warm, vibrant and caring community for such individuals. She hires only staff members that are dedicated to helping her residents live life to the fullest. As a mother of 6 children, Gloria has 6 grandchildren and 15 god-children whose lives she is an active participant. She is a mentor, a community leader in domestic violence, involved in ALS Foundation, March of Dimes and the Lupus Foundation. It amazing she would find time for anything else, but she was also crowned Ms. Jacksonville and was the Second Runner-Up for Ms. Corporate America. “Becoming a Queen was a personal quest for me because it gives me an addition platform to assist young women in overcoming obstacles. Beauty is not a birth-right but a by-product of yes – love and appreciation, but also pain and longsuffering. Every woman can wear a crown and sash as a symbol of their perseverance and success,” Gloria explains. 1 PROGRAM SUCCESS MAGAZINE PAGE: 18 | MOTHERS DAY 2015